About Acoustic Panels

What Acoustic Panels Do

Noise is simply sound that is unwanted .  And it can be much more than just a nuisance.   Noise disturbs, distracts and harms us physiologically and psychologically. Noise can make us cranky, even ill. Noise even be dangerous!

Acoustic panels reduce the noise from activity inside the room. If sound waves produced by conversation, music, phones or sounds are reverberating too long – a result of hard surfaces such as drywall, glass, concrete and even wood – then acoustic panels can help.   Panels quiet a room by absorbing the reflected energy which causes that “echo” within a space.  With acoustic panels in place, speech becomes more clear.  Listening is easier. Music sounds better. People are more efficient, effective and relaxed.

If you need to reduce sound reverberation in a space, read on!  Have a look at your product options – decorative or conventional – and contact us to determine the solution that is best for you! 

However, if you are trying to reduce sound energy entering from outside the space through walls, windows or doors, you need barrier materials instead.  Specific building products and construction techniques are used to block sound transmission between spaces; speak to your architect, contractor or building supplies retailer.