Acoustic Panel Product Lines

Select from unique designer-created decorative acoustic panels, perhaps complemented with conventional acoustic wall or ceiling panels. Make rooms more functional, comfortable and beautiful.  All of our product line options absorb sound within the space, reducing the “echo” caused by hard surface interiors, such as drywall, glass, tile and wood. Conversation is easier, the ambience is warmer and people are happier!

New! Reindeer Moss

Convex by Nordgröna, Natural, effective acoustic absorption, made beautiful. Configure your unique design.

Gingko From Blå Station

European design inspired by nature. Use colours and placement to create acoustic art.


Beautiful shapes and colours. Mix & match pieces from Woolbubbles, Squarebubbles, and Town lines, for unique acoustic installations.

Gaia Acoustic Panels

Square sound absorber with 3D arc for interest and possibilities: simply rotate each piece for your own design. Great for larger spaces.

Dimensional Acoustic Panels

Designs are sculpted right onto panel surface, through a unique patented technology

Conventional Acoustic Panels

For spaces large or small, panels and baffles for ceiling or wall. Complement your decorative panel feature with economical, cleanly tailored absorptive pieces, to fulfill your acoustic needs along with your design goals.