GAIA Acoustic Panel from Blå Station

One Bold and Simple Shape. Full of Possibility.

GAIA is a surprisingly simple concept with powerful possibilities. With sides measuring just over 25 1/2″ (65cm), the Gaia square acoustic panels align to make a bold statement on the wall. A design inspired by the elements of fire, earth, wind and water, provides for continuity and flexibility. Rotate the pieces to create circles, windmills, flowers or evoke the sky or sea. AVAILABLE FABRICS NOW INCLUDE: BLAZER LITE, SYNERGY AND HERO in addition to the 5 base neutrals. Ask for details!


Enter your space measurements. Choose your colours. See your result. (You’ll still be able to easily change it up when the product’s in your hands!) The tool allows you to save your image and fabric specs for planning, ordering and installing.

GAIA acoustic tiles are easy to install.  Use the supplied template to position the metal fittings to the wall. Then, simply hang the pieces on the fittings. Create different patterns by turning Gaia into the position you want. 

GAIA acoustic panel is created by Stone Designs of Spain and is fabricated to order by Blå Station of Sweden.