About Acoustics With Design

Acoustics With Design Ltd. is a company created to offer decorative acoustic panels to Canadian designers, builders, managers and occupants.  Acoustic panels reduce sound reverberation, making spaces more comfortable and functional.  Great-looking panels can also make spaces more gorgeous! 

We feature decorative acoustics lines including:

  • Creative modular acoustic panels from Wobedo Design of Sweden, to create custom artistic configurations on your walls or ceiling
  • Beautiful dimensionally sculpted absorptive panels for fuller coverage, created through a patented process by Acoustic Enterprises Inc in Colorado

To complement your decorative products and give you further reduction in noise reverberation, we can also supply you with conventional acoustic panels, baffles and banners for your ceilings or walls.

Where acoustic treatments help:

Corporate, commercial, institutional or residential spaces are all made more acoustically comfortable with these visually enhancing sound attenuating panels.

  • Boardrooms, meeting rooms and reception areas
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Offices, workspaces and study areas
  • Home theatres, entryways, playrooms and living areas
  • … any many more (of course!)

Products are available for wall mounting, as floor standing absorbing screens to define space, and in desk or table personal “quiet room” and privacy screens.

Acoustics consulting support:

Acoustics With Design personnel have decades of experience in providing quality solutions for noise pollution. We can assess your space and needs and offer practical and beautiful solutions for noise control.

Acoustic panel products can be shipped anywhere in Canada. Phone and virtual consults available cross-are country and on-site assessment may be available in GTA (Toronto) and Vancouver Island.