Get a great overview on managing room acoustics, from Steven Sabados, co-host on CBC’s THE GOODS. See how to (1) soundproof and (2) reduce in-room reverberation with sound absorbents. Whether going the DIY route or purchasing custom solutions, learn how to get the acoustic comfort you crave! 

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Host Tracy Moore was impressed when Interior Designer Karen Sealy brought Wobedo to Home Day on CityTV Cityline.  Karen demonstrated the sound absorbing panels, showing their versatility and how easy they are to wall-mount in your own creative configurations.Click the image to view the full clip. 


Featured in AZURE magazine IIDEX show report.

Good Acoustics

This design feature article contributed to Canadian Facility Management & Design (CFM&D) explains why acoustic considerations are so important given current design trends, and how acoustic treatments can look great in interior design. Read the article here!

Office Insight

Workplace acoustics are increasingly important and can be “gorgeous” too! As reported by Office Insight, a periodical dedicated to workplace design & furnishings, in their coverage of the annual IIDEX show.

Acoustic Beauty

“TheTrowel” magazine introduced beautiful acoustics and the Wobedo system to their readers. Great design, easy installation, as a total solution or supplement to other acoustic treatments.

Creative Ways To Quiet Down Your Condo

Toronto Star writer Vicky Sanderson on the problems of noise in the home and how sound can be muffled with absorptive materials, including decorative wall panels.  (It’s like acquiring good art!)

Ottawa Citizen

Wobedo Design of Sweden sound absorbing panels, a featured product by the Ottawa Citizen, in their IDS show coverage.

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