Decorative Acoustic Panels from Wobedo Design of Sweden

From Wobedo Design of Sweden, a unique approach to acoustic panels for spaces where design really counts!   A variety of shapes, fabrics and colours can be creatively mixed, matched and mounted.  Create configurations that will reduce unwanted noise reverberation while fulfilling your design vision.

Choose striking or playful wall pieces from three design lines.  PLUS, desk privacy screens for personal use. 

Woolbubble Line

The soft curves of the shapes “Angel”, Carson” and “Drop”, the perfect “Earth”, “Moon”, “Venus” and “Sirius” circles make this line so inviting. In a variety of sizes and colours, configuration options are yours to discover.

Squarebubble Line

Square shapes make your room feel anything but! Available in single colour or Squarebubble Graphica, with contrasting colour stripes or circles for added impact. Mix and match within the line, or combine with Woolbubble circles or any other shape.

Town Line

Figurative panels include houses, a barn, even a church! Create a whole village – or maybe just a neighbourhood – in your boardroom, your playroom, wherever! Looks great positioned at floor level.

MyPlace-Desk Screens

Unique privacy screens in acoustic material, full size or just the right size for laptop surround. When not needed, these screens fold and can be conveniently hung on a nearby hook, ready for the next user.