Restaurant Acoustics

Restaurant noise level helped with ceiling acoustic panels

KEEP THE BUZZ.   ADD COMFORT.                                               … AND GROW THE RESTAURANT’S BOTTOM LINE      

Restaurant acoustics can be a dilemma!  How to keep an establishment lively, without compromising comfort OR profit?

“Too noisy” is always a big complaint in diner surveys and online restaurant reviews.  It’s enough to make people want to stay home – not good for business! But as a restaurant owner (or designer), you want “buzz”. We can help with that!

The right amount of noise in a restaurant or bar keeps the energy turned up AND the conversations flowing.  Acoustic panels, strategically positioned, help customers comfortably socialize with each other and communicate with staff.

Good restaurant acoustics design, including acoustic panels, will create a hospitality environment that people will want to return to again and again.

Reduce Costs 

Restaurant owners can reduce operating costs by allowing staff to hear better. Accurate communication with their customers and each other will reduce errors and do-overs.  Restaurants may even see better employee retention as staff members will physically feel better in their workplace. 


  • Treat the entire front-of-house or create some conversation-friendly corners in select areas.
  • Select fabrics that make a statement or that blend in.  Or even digitally imprint with images that whet the appetite and complement the entire hospitality experience.


Ask Us How!

Save money & time by designing acoustics into your construction or renovation plan. OR retrofit an operating business. We can help with projects at any stage.